We'll Blur your friends posts on Instagram —
So you stay in touch In Real Life.

We understand not all your interactions have to go through the screen.
Call or meet friends to unlock their posts.

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Stay better in touch in three easy steps


Select the 3 people you want stay in touch with IRL

Rinsta is not meant for all your 1000’s of “friends” but is instead meant for your closest circle .


Select how often you want stay in touch

Not all your relationships are equal, yet those that matter are just another link in your feed, making all your interaction feel hollow and leave you feeling less connected.


Call or meet them in real life to unlock their posts for another 2 weeks

Other companies make money only when you’re looking at your screen. Infinite scrolls, likes, popularity contests, and incentives with little or no benefit to you becomes the main way to interact online. Your “social” feed becomes the place you go to be entertained, instead of to feel connected and understood.

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